35 Popular Restaurant Apps You Need to Know About

In 2012 alone, more than 770 million smartphones were shipped. That number is projected to increase by 30% in 2013. It seems as if almost everyone from your 10-year-old niece to your 70-year-old grandma knows the ins and outs of operating a smartphone. With that being said, one of the most enticing aspects of having…
popular restaurant apps

Restaurants: An Industry Of Opportunity

Finding a job can be hard—and keeping one can be even harder. But picking a job in the restaurant industry? Well, it looks like you made the right choice. As this infographic from The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation explains, there’s never been a better time to be a part of the restaurant industry. For…
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The Evolution of the American Bar

In recent years, bars have evolved from solely a place to drink and socialize, to an environment that now is recognized for its artistic interior design, subcultural themes, digital dining, fine wine selections, quality hand-crafted cocktails, and even its history. What once began as a public house, most bars harbor a great amount of historical…
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5 Essentials for Happier Hours, Bigger Profits

Happy Hour just got a makeover.  Attract new customers, build loyalty with existing ones, and boost your bottom line by incorporating these 5 essential happy hour promotions ideas. From unique food and drink specials to creative entertainment, revamping your happy hour vibe will make your bar the “it” location for great deals and an even greater social…
happy hour promotion ideas

Top 12 Buzzworthy Events to Boost Midweek Business

Draw crowds into your business any day of the week with these easy, affordable restaurant event ideas. Theme nights and bartending competitions are just the beginning. Get customers talking and walking through you doors by creating a fun, memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more. But don’t stop there! After you try…
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4 Ways to Deliver a Better Restaurant Experience

It’s a golden era for food with the rising popularity of cooking shows, food blogs and social media, and foodies looking for unique dining experiences. That presents a golden opportunity for restaurants to stand out among the crowd and offer an experience that will turn visitors into regulars. Creating that positive restaurant atmosphere begins the…
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How Social Gaming is Changing the Dining Experience

Ever since the advent of Pac-Man and the arcade boom of the 80s, gaming in the public sphere has gone from niche to widespread consumption and appeal. Gaming has long been integrated into several business templates, from malls to theatres to restaurants. However, until the evolution of social media and the proliferation of cellular and…
social gaming

The Cost of Customer Service Wait Times

When your customers need something from you, do you keep them waiting? Whether they’re calling to make a reservation or voice a complaint, how long do your customers have to wait before getting a response? If your response times are lengthy, you’re probably frustrating your customers—and costing them a lot of money. In fact, according…
customer service wait times

5 Benefits of In-Venue Digital Signage

As the bar and restaurant industry expands, implementing in-house digital signage is a content-rich way to entertain customers and increase revenue by targeting content.
in-venue digital signage

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